Reply To: a team with 12 xbows is just too op

Avatar photoJohnsmith24601

I’m sorry but that’s a silly argument. My team can still do the ordinary stuff, wear heavy armor and, with the bags and pelts perk, equip with shield. They are not weak in the melee rounds at all. It’s just that they can fire like 20 to 24 more bolts than a “normal” team. (If the enemies don’t close distance immediately in the first round, then it’s maximum 36 more bolts in total) I honestly don’t see how any other team can beat that damage. Normally the enemy ranks are just decimated in the first or second round and some of the survivors just outright start fleeing. The same tactics work with extremely powerful enemies too, as their armors’ll be chipped away quite a lot by the time they enter melee range. And that’s way better than meleeing them when they’re 100% healthy, in my opinion.