Reply To: a team with 12 xbows is just too op

Avatar photoJohnsmith24601

Quick question: how have you been distributing your stat points? Because to make this team effective you’d generally have points put into both melee combat and ranged combat. Which means some other combat statistic has to give. The third is probably going into stamina… or health?

Hi, it usually depends on the individual brother that you’re leveling up. If he’s too low on health, focus on bringing it up to 60 first. If he’s too low on fatigue, bring it up to at least 80 (with 110 basic chain mail equipped). But yeah, the basic idea is to level up melee and range attack on every level, and then focus on leveling up melee defense after health and fatigue are sufficiently leveled up. (Farmhand, Wildman and Hunter brothers are awesome)

Personally I think fatigue isn’t that important in this build as the battles are usually over by the time your 80 fatigue guys get tired in melee. Don’t try to use crazy orc weapons though :D