Reply To: World Map Update( 29/02/2016).Discussion

Avatar photoDanubian

There are 2 things i didnt like:

-My first game there are way too few contracts (i run into 1 contract every couple of towns i visit, like 3 or 4, sometimes more). There should be a lot more contracts everywhere. The problem with this game is when you dont have an immediate task, youre sorta just wondering aimlessly.

-The other thing i dont like is the contract interface; there is too little information before you open the contract, and i happened to run into one i wasnt sure i could fulfill so i wanted to go back and save game before i accepted it – nope – if you close the contract without accepting it, it disappears.

-IMO map could use more objects, places to visit or interact with between towns. Lone taverns, or smaller hamlets, anything. Going down a road for 5 minutes is boring.