Reply To: World Map Update( 29/02/2016).Discussion

Avatar photoSarissofoi

Global map looks really nice. Especially at night.
-clouds sometimes block view
-still range of view is unkown

New contracts are great.
-sometimes bugged
-not enough information in first place
-very small number of contracts avialable
-wall of text is nice to have but Contracts lack quick summary info

Trade goods system helps to earn a little which is helpfull on harder difficulties.

Enemy AI on global map but passive on tactical map.
-if they chase my band they should attack me on tactical map

Changes to perk tree.
+it looks like Perfect Focus combo get nerfed
-low tier Offensive perks are mostly useless
-hold out moved to 2nd Tier which makes low level Company prone to mass routs(enemy kill one of your cheap guys, rest get morale debuff, easier to get hit, harder to hit – enemy slaughter more)
-still have some useless perks like Student

New stats Level up is nice.
-some stats have terrible low rolls
-it should show all possible rolls so player can easily choose the best, now its still possible but with cancel=waste time

Inn is great addition. Big plus.

Overall great job still its buggy and bugs dont let me enjoy this. Still great job.