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Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback.
Let me adress all issues in reversed order.

1. I got some silver trophies, the base price is 1400 and 700. Sell them I can max (checked all cities) for 400 and 200, respectively. They need to sell to someone special? I do low fame and glory?

For every item you sell you will always only get a certain margin of the original worth (a third or smthng). The only exception are trading goods. Try to sell items in bigger cities as prices generally tend to be higher there.

2. These trophies as well as some products (such as precious stones, and even mmm ham ! I can put in my pocket :). For what? Just another slot? for the future? Amuse vanity silver ring in the pocket? :)

The Ham serves as food for your company, the other items are just special loot items to have something else to loot and sell than just gold coins. Normally the tooltip should explain if something is useful or just to be sold.

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