Reply To: World Map Update( 29/02/2016).Discussion

Avatar photokjellstor

Regarding the perks:
We decided to have some very needed basic “fixes” like nerfing Perfect focus. We are on the case and we are going to rework most perks in the near future. Lots of them will be completely exchanged or modified.
I just have to ask for some more patience in this regeard :)

Hi, I just want to ask this regarding levels (sorry if you’ve mentioned this somewhere else):
I understand capping the amount of perks you can pick in the perk tree, or else you’d just max out the entire thing. But have you considered letting the player continue to level up the stats (even just by a tiny amount each time) after level 11? I just feel kind of “sad” when a character can’t progress anymore, and it would feel awesome to have a level 30 super veteran, even if he doesn’t have that much better stats than a level 11 character. Or do you prefer that the “levelling” after level 11 is done through gear alone?