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Because otherwise the “bad” guys would never get hired and we could remove them from the game right away.

I dont think its necessary to eliminate the bad stats guys, but more info on them would still be nice. Maybe for a small fee (% of hire cost, or 2 days wages, etc.) we can “talk” to them before we hire them and find out things like “I gud with pointee tings” or “Sir, I am quite adept with a sword and shield and will fight faithfully till my dying day for you”. While this wont give us specific stats it does 2 things: #1 further drives the economy & #2 allows us to hire people we want / need to round out our crew or replace those lost in battle…Sometimes I am honestly looking for cannon fodder… and cheep dumb labor fills that void.
I also agree with the post about the contracts. My second contract was to stop the harassments of a settlement. it was 6+ direwolves. Vs a bunch of level 1 & 2 mercs. They slaughtered me. When I finally beat them my next contract was to clear some bandits. Lowest count in all the restarts was 9 of them of which several were in chain and always 3+ xbows. Needless to say it didnt go over well. If I knew they were going to be “very hard” fights I would have skipped both for easier ones to build my team up.
Lastly, I am getting a bunch of hang-ups on load screens (entering/leaving battle and towns). Maybe its just me. Tried updating drivers, got tons of RAM, just seems odd that it started with this patch.
Otherwise I love the update and keep up the good work.