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Because otherwise the “bad” guys would never get hired and we could remove them from the game right away.

I dont think its necessary to eliminate the bad stats guys, but more info on them would still be nice. Maybe for a small fee (% of hire cost, or 2 days wages, etc.) we can “talk” to them before we hire them and find out things like “I gud with pointee tings” or “Sir, I am quite adept with a sword and shield and will fight faithfully till my dying day for you”.

Why not being able to learn from people who wants to get hired in the tavern? As you pay a round for everybody, the bartender could tell you someting like : “Look at this guy, mister XX, he wants to be a sellsword like you but no doubt he’ll have to stop drinking every afertoon if he wants to survive a fight” meaning the character named “mister XX” you can hire in this town as the trait “drunkyard”.