Reply To: Weapon Useage

Avatar photoMeeky

Cleavers are great, either the war cleaver or the orcish ones, in the hands of a character whose background has a ton of fatigue. See: Wildman.

I generally don’t find myself using the billhook often. Pikes work better for me because I typically need to push someone away, not pull them toward me.

Flails are the one weapon I don’t like. They’re pretty lackluster compared to other weapons. Warhammers and maces break armor better; swords are defensive; axes can bust shields; axes and cleavers both can gut anyone that’s unarmored. Even daggers are useful: you can ignore armor and go straight for murder, letting you loot items you otherwise might destroy. But flails… they just don’t have a niche. I really and truly cannot bring myself to enjoy them.