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    Are there any weapons you just never find yourself using?
    For me, I can never justify the fatigue cost and lower accuracy of a cleaver instead of a quality sword. And once I get crossbows I never go back to bows.

    Avatar photoscaryned

    Cleavers are naturally worse than swords since they are not ever meant for combat.

    As for bows, I beg to differ, and tend to use cross bows for new archers, and hunting bows for the experienced archer. cross bows are good for accuracy and power, but bows can send off more shots than crossbows in a shorter time span. a young archer will need to rely more on aimed shots, but a weathered vet can use quick shots reliably, causing more damage than crossbows if all shots hit their mark.

    crossbows are good for new recruits, since they’re more accurate than bows when aiming shots. And since newbies aim more often than vets, it will benefit them more.


    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I meant the military cleavers or orcish cleaver.

    And xbows with Bags & Belts plus Quick Hands get to shoot 2 shots per round for 2 rounds and move 2 spaces for less fatigue than 1 aimed bow shot. Xbows also have higher damage and armor penetration so when coupled with Rage for +50% damage you can reliably land 1-shot kills, Berzerk back your action points, reload and fire a second shot. The math of AP and Berzerk means I can go so far as to shoot 3 xbow bolts in a single turn for 45 fatigue, the same number and cost as 3 normal bow shots. But the xbow shots are like 3 aimed shots which means they usually have 90% to hit where bows have around 70% while at range and with a maxed character.

    Avatar photoMarsh The Muddy

    Well… I am not a pro at this game or anything, but I kinda like the cleaver… I know it is not as good as a noble sword, but I just like the badass(ness?) of it…
    And about the archers: They have one extra tile of range over the crossbows witch can make a little difference in the very first turn…
    It happened to me many times: Started a game and on the first turn of the first battle my archer would one-shot a bandit thug with a headshot…
    But, in the end, just use whatever you think looks cool… Who cares if that or that deals one extra damage?

    Avatar photoMeeky

    Cleavers are great, either the war cleaver or the orcish ones, in the hands of a character whose background has a ton of fatigue. See: Wildman.

    I generally don’t find myself using the billhook often. Pikes work better for me because I typically need to push someone away, not pull them toward me.

    Flails are the one weapon I don’t like. They’re pretty lackluster compared to other weapons. Warhammers and maces break armor better; swords are defensive; axes can bust shields; axes and cleavers both can gut anyone that’s unarmored. Even daggers are useful: you can ignore armor and go straight for murder, letting you loot items you otherwise might destroy. But flails… they just don’t have a niche. I really and truly cannot bring myself to enjoy them.

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