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Hey Love Gun,
thanks for the in depth thoughts :)
You are right, the merc on the left has turned his head a little too far to be looking at the city. I started out with him facing the city directly but it looked kinda awkward with the mail coif if you cant see anything of the face.
I also liked the pipe on the sitting merc, but was a little hesitant because it may have looked relaxed or peaceful :)

Out of curiosity, can you tell us what your present art project for Battle Brothers is, Psen?

Heres what I have been working on yesterday (still wont be shown officially until tomorrow, so keep quiet ;)
A new look for the Direwolves (formerly known as werewolves)
Apart from that I just started work on the combat tiles. Nothing spectacular to show yet as I start out with repainting the old tiles (grass etc).

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