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Avatar photoSky

I’d like to see some possibilities to make few visual changes too. With for example tabards, or individual banner like thingies (even tho the guys aren’t nobles so call it something else), also shields and even some weapons.

To have a dye shop where you could paint the armors, shields, maybe parts of weapons. A tailor to make tabards (all the guys in the artwork have em, just like to the left of the screen…) with some options even if just simpliest ones like world of warcraft did it. A jeweler to make custom handles to the weapons or like that. Purely visual, and most of the professions are already in the game as backgrounds, just add the stores and all set. I understand that these are not much important things but this can potentially lead to a nice amount of content and flexibility without breaking the game.

For the moment I personally doing different shields just to have visual feedback who the guy is without going into his ability n equip screen. Also have to be sure not to wear similar helmets on guys that have different “builds” but similar equipment. This could be so much easy. Also the future incoming before battle tactical phase would be much easier with additional individual visual cues.