Reply To: Assisting npc battles could use some work

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It was some time since I last played before this update, even missed the goblin update. So was starting up campaings variating between normal and hard few times after an other but got devastated in them, either by my bad management or enemies that were too strong. The game I’m playing now is on normal. Now that I’m playing for a bit it’s coming back and will be starting a hard one eventually. Still lots of things to see and test out.

The difficulty feels this way cuz the roaming enemies are far less strong and active this time around. I’m meeting mostly bandits. The only roaming werewolf and vampire party (both 6 members) I met were in the far foggy zone. No roaming orcs whatsoever even when I specificly left 2 camps near each other and a town alive to see how things go. That I did cuz the world seems less alive than it was before. Met a goblin scout of 3 archer 3 melee guy too near the foggy zone but they don’t come to villages either. No zombies wandering around. No visible enemy camp grow. Skeletons are a bit closer now, found 2 camps already both high numbered but medium strenght.

Have not seen any fight and wars that were present previously. Back then there were huge orc wars with the villages, bandits, and other roaming armies. Some of the village buildings got destroyed but it is a mistery to me how, or they were ruins from the start. Up till now the only alive faction is the bandit one and the village militia. I like the town guards and militia forces, now they realy are what they should be. The bandit groups I find are shitty, they are small and weak. Did not see bandit raiders with leader running around. But as wrote above the fight I joined in was one sided as hell, the 6 guards were very good equipped compared to the barefoot bandits, they’d win even without me no doubt.

The world randomization is definitely a very important part of this, the world got much bigger and that has it’s downsides. Earlier it was very dependant on the spawned locations how the things work out. From over twenty games I had there were few that had very nice full of life feeling, some felt empty and boring where you had to go look for the fights. And there were only two with some crazy ass war going on. The enemy territories were bordering each other and that was quite the experience. Never a dull moment, close by town constantly under attack, factions clashing together. The rest was normal.

Back then was a lot less content with quests and such. Now it feels much more quest oriented, they are very nicely put together and embedded into the relations. Interesting quests, nicely written, well executed. But this might be part of the problem with the enemy strategic overall too. They might be influencing the ai too much. No idea tho.

I’m only around game day 45 and still missing a lot of things to experience in game. Didn’t even see the barber yet. So probably missing out much and difficulity might scale with the time or be bound to something else. If you starting to feel that there is just no more challenge, I recommend you start a hard game.