Reply To: [UI] Some suggestions for the UI

Avatar photoSky

As it was said multiple times over and over, the UI is the last thing to be worked on. If the roadmap and goals are still the same then there are a lot of features not implemented.

From the current stuff that is in already I’d for example would like to have not separated menus for items and perks but to see them in the same window. It is an unnecessary clicking step that could be easily avoided. There is lots of room around. Also being able to move characters around, having the time gold and other items displayed aswell. Maybe even current job and some faction reputations. It is good to have them in different specific windows with more deep info, but a summary on the main management screen would be nice. The more info you have aviable the simplier it is to manage. The less clicks you have to do switching between windows (mostly stash/perks) the better it is.

Next is the town / recruiting / market / equipping items chain that is a bit of pain to press million buttons. You go get your recruits then you go check their gear stats figure out what to do with them then have to remember what you have to buy then go to market(then smiths) buy them and if some things are missing go in equipment equip things and see what else to buy then again to the items etc. That is a lot of clicking that can be aboided. It could be much more simplier if for example the town window would be moved to a side and the other would be the stash with brothers so you could manupulate them independently. This way it would be a lot more convinient. A good UI is a UI with maximum information and minimum busy work.