Reply To: A little frustrated

Avatar photoJaffai

It seems game rolls 10 numbers for every stat when he spawned. For example melee attack rolls, 3 1 3 3 1 1 1 1 1 1. Only way to get pass bad roll is to pick it.

I think current system is more balanced than last one. Melee attack will be lower all around board which forces you to use all tricks available to take down enemy.

In last patch there was no need to break shields and etc, because brothers had ridiculously high melee and melee defence skills.

MinMaxing is harder now too, I never know how many level ups are needed to put max fatigue to able to use heaviest armor and still able to do 2 attacks.

I understand its frustrating to roll +1 three times a row, but its rewarding to roll that +4. I guess there should be somekind of variable to prevent super bad rolls, like ten +1.

I dont like your ideas to make “hidden” stuff to determinate level up rolls, that kind of system “forces” players to play gimmickly. I know this effects mostly minmaxer but this segment shouldnt be ignored.