Reply To: Direwolf Mail Armor – items with additional bonuses? :O

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Hehe glad you like the armor :)
Before the update there where only two special armors: The wolfpelt armor and the wolf mail armor.
While the first one could be crafted by a tailor in a certain event, the mail version would only get dropped by some bandit leaders.

So they are pretty rare. They still are, but now also can be dropped in the “fake direwolf twist”.

Our plan is reworking and adding a lot of named weapons. At the moment lots of weapon categories are missing named versions. We want to seize the opportunity and introduce a bunch of named helmets and armors (just like the direwolf mail), so that we have a complete set of named (unique looking) versions for (almost) all types of equipment.
Can’t give you an ETA on that yet, as there are more crucial things to be tackled right now, but it is high up on our whishlist.


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