Topic: Direwolf Mail Armor – items with additional bonuses? :O

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    Wow! Just killed my first fake direwolf party and then i looted this:

    Wait, wait, wait. Unless i missed something these should be brand new items in game! Never saw this before in ~100 hours of playing bb.

    You may not thing this is much, but this could be a whole new trend! Items with additional properties!

    Kudos devs, kudos. Do add more :D

    Avatar photoRusBear

    this armor (heavy and light version) was still in the old (until world map) patch. And yet it is the only unique armor in the game.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Hehe glad you like the armor :)
    Before the update there where only two special armors: The wolfpelt armor and the wolf mail armor.
    While the first one could be crafted by a tailor in a certain event, the mail version would only get dropped by some bandit leaders.

    So they are pretty rare. They still are, but now also can be dropped in the “fake direwolf twist”.

    Our plan is reworking and adding a lot of named weapons. At the moment lots of weapon categories are missing named versions. We want to seize the opportunity and introduce a bunch of named helmets and armors (just like the direwolf mail), so that we have a complete set of named (unique looking) versions for (almost) all types of equipment.
    Can’t give you an ETA on that yet, as there are more crucial things to be tackled right now, but it is high up on our whishlist.


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    Avatar photokingslomein

    Can’t Wait!!!

    Avatar photo_stabb

    how does one actually get the twist in the direwolf quest? ive done it at least 6-7 times and everytime its just normal direwolves. also a big question ive been meaning to ask paul if he notices this, are the new named weapons your talking about going to include greatswords? the biggest category that needs it in my opinion

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