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1. Day 100+. There is one point. Setting the delivery of certain cargo. Fee 600 coins (as you know, famous for its huge and the cost of the group for 300 coins per day) but it’s test :) So take the job. Along the way, I want to take away a parcel of 18 mercenaries including 2 master sword and knight, 2 crossbowman in a good armor and the rest of the mercenaries, too, almost all the top gear. If so conceived that some tasks were clearly failures or unfavorable? Even so such a situation is given to ignore these tasks. Maybe it makes sense then to increase the fee for such tasks commensurate with the danger that lies in wait for you according to the scripting events. Or enable high-known groups to convince these “mercenaries” that you leave the parcel itself and it’s better to just find another job?
2. Goblin – rider on wolves after killing a wolf or a goblin fro thee “whole” rider with the moral panic – stay the second unit with morality low – ie he fights again. I do not see the logic :)