Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.13

Avatar photoEisbrecher

We’re working on balance and progression this week to smoothen things out a bit. Consider sending us your savegame to so we can use it as a testing point.

Thank you for the reply; please don’t misunderstand me, I love Battle Brothers (wouldn’t have logged almost 400 hours otherwise) but at times the game does some odd things (especially in terms of what sort of teams roam the map early on and what sort of quests are handed out).

Started a new game after the latest patch, got a reasonable raid against bandits (7 thugs plus 3 marksmen with bows, attacked at night, effectively crippling the bowmen) and a cemetery mission (got the zombies, 11 in total, 6/5 armored-regular) which was doable as I had the high ground. A much smoother start, not too many swamps, reasonably generated mountain ranges: in all, a promising map.

Whatever happens this time round, I’ll keep the savegame to send it, I prefer to play “ironman”, so once I’ve lost, I delete the savegames so as not to be tempted to reload and retry the battle, but I realize this is not particularly helpful for testing purposes.