Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.13

Avatar photoRusBear

Can’t understand your complains about deliveries. Haven’t you tried to avoid roads? That’s the first thing I tried with this ambush\event system and it works great. Yes you spend more time traveling but avoid most problems in early game, build up finances take a batter gear(well better then farm tools), start attacking graveyards to build up xp, and your company is good to go. If you can’t handle a mission yet, just don’t take combat missions…

ambush of 18 mercenaries for sending or 18 bounty hunters – is a scripting event that occurs regardless of on what you are trying to bypass the woods
I conducted an experiment – having been instructed in the delivery of parcels from one port city to another – I immediately boarded a ship and sailed to – I got ambushed right in town from 1 sec to make quest