Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.14 – Orc contracts

Avatar photoDanubian

I would be against that. If you cannot fight orcs go to other location and hunt down some bandits, or ghouls or direwolves up until the point you feel comfortable facing orcs. Orcs, goblins and fallen heroes are late game challenges. If you have a company of avg lvl 4, just don’t fight them, simple as that…

Whats the point in game spawning contracts that are impossible to complete?

And thats nonsense. Young Orcs and Orc Berserkers are not late game challenges. Young Orcs are easy as soon as you get some basic equipment and Berserkers are also no problem if you set your party for them. Only Orc Warriors are the late game content, which is why i ask that contracts spawn them – late game?

From your reply i get the feeling that you think i asked something to be done about map locations – i dont – im perfectly fine with random locations being whatever they are, as you say, if you cant beat something, come back later. I do however thing that contracts should scale to whats doable. Otherwise youre just wandering around aimlessly, and thats not really a great gameplay.