Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.14 – Orc contracts

Avatar photoDanubian

Whats the point in game spawning contracts that are impossible to complete?
Not sure about you, but I get those quite often. What’s the point of being able to beat any available contract and spawn only contract you can beat? The point is – you need to be very selective with missions before you get strong enough.

Contracts give you short term immediate goals. They prevent game from turning into minutes of seeking a fight you can win. Anything that cuts down on this is good. Roaming is not fun (specially if that time costs you supplies etc).

But id like to hear dev thoughts on the subject.

Also just for the record i am very selective about missions i take. I calculate time/effort/money and only pick those missions that fall into this category. Id just like for the selection to be a bit more varied, or scaled.