Reply To: Combat feedback (angry and annoyed)

Avatar photoghoulavenger

And calling fans of a very successful franchise “perverts” and afterwards claiming that you represent a “group” of people may be an indication of how small actually this “group” is :)

I think he was more making fun of the title of the game than the actual players behind it. X-com sounds like a pornographic game when it isn’t (anybody playing a pornographic game can be accurately labeled a pervert). I’ve only briefly played X-com and I think the game had potential but I really hated the implementation — it took me a couple hours to even figure out that I’m supposed to use certain jets to take down the UFO and then another to enter the mission scene. I then completed a couple of missions to run into a no win scenario. That really bothered me. If it were more like Battle Brothers is currently (tries not to give you too hard of a mission, lets you ditch a contract, actually has contracts and directs your experience) I might have enjoyed it much more. That being said, I don’t think there is anything wrong with some randomness in the game, but there is such a thing as too much in a game like this, because it takes all the strategy, preparation, and skill then turns it into luck.