Reply To: Combat feedback (angry and annoyed)

Avatar photospamtaboo

To turn luck to your advantage and manage the risks is as good of a skill as any.
And I agree with Rusbear it is time to stop the conversation.
The bottom line is – I like the idea of random, if you tweak it – it is no longer a random. One of the key of success of heroes 3 was complete random, placing a player in sometimes impossible or hard conditions. But when you overcome the challenge you get a huge amount of satisfaction. And I like current mechanics as is, because when there is 17% chance to hit, it does not mean that it is impossible to hit, it only means exactly what is written, and according to the theory of probability, there is a chance that 5% chance to hit will proc 2 times in a row, and 95% chance to hit will miss two times in a row, you just have to live with that. This mechanic gave life to huge amount of great games like JA2, UFO, Age of Wonders etc. This is a core mechanics of BB and I do not think one should mess with it. This is my personal opinion however. Of course it is up to developers to see if they need to do something with it :)