Reply To: Magic: keeping up with the AI?

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Just as You, I can’t know what the devs are up to. I shared what I took in about the magical component about the game from the forums and the directions the devs were vektoring the discussions. About the overall feel they trying to give the world.

The 6 weapons well your party might be carrying 5 weapons each (6 would assume the offhand could be holding a weapon and it can’t) others don’t. I have general purpose jack of all trades with 5 weapons but I have guys with 2-3 weapons aswell, most of my men always were non 5 sloted ones. Not all the people have to get the pocket perk you know, and it is not needed in many circumstances. The weapon argument is a pure player choise one and has not much to do with the AI tactics. All the humans have one of the possible backgrounds be it player or AI, they use the same skill trees. While other races do not.

There will be no horses unfortunately, it’s in the FAQ. Seems like it was too unconvinient game mechanic wise or whatever other reason.

To have clerics you need a diety, there is none yet. There is zero accent on any kind of diety other than description of the houses. The temple well it well might be just to remove curses, getting blessings, or things like that. Again do not confuse world filler things and things a player has access to. Being able to go to the temple does not mean you getting a cleric unit with a 4th magical perk tree. There are towns but you can not own one. There are noble houses but you can not become one. I’m saying if the devs said no then it has been always a no, when they say they will see and try then it might come along or be like the horses.

Goblins, the devs said they will look into it, tho I know not why, already posted several advices how to deal with them. You only struggle if you wish to do so. Attack at night and it will be 80% easier from the get go. I personally like that, to have enemies that are weaker at night while other are harder.

Limit of 12, it was said by the devs that the 12 is the current battle limit. The actual troop size you could go around with would be higher so you can swap hirelings into reserve for them to heal or repair. Now since with the last update the enemy count did grow quite much I think and agree with you that 12 is not enought for an active rooster. On the other hand it is a balance issue both management wise, game flow scaling wise, tactical combat wise and turn lenght wise. There is an interesting building, the veterans hall there aswell.

Our comprehension of the game is purely subjective, and so are the thoughts that we write down. You should not be offended when someone elses opinion does not match yours, it is natural. The fact that other share their thoughts about something you brought up means that they are interested in the said theme aswell. My favorite characters in most of the games are mages and priests. Be that now PC games or earlier pen n papper. Just as You I’d like to see magic in BB too but that will be up to modders aswell.

Not everything we would like will be in the game and most definitely not the way we’d vision it. It is the dev teams game, their vision, their world. They did prove that they know what they doing, that they do listen to feedback and make compromises, that they making the game just as much for the players as for themselves both artwise and businesswise.