Reply To: Combat feedback (angry and annoyed)

Avatar photoMiaphysites

I like chess? You heard it here first folks, my comments are stupid! I think ya Meeky might be overstating his advanced math skills. I think flipping a quarter 10 times still makes the next chance 50/50 not a bell curve. Here’s something concrete though, you’ll never get a 95% hit rating on Battle Brothers, maybe that’s just because there’s no guns. Now its been a while since I did probability but I think they just say it like 50% of 10 that’s 5, 50% of 5 and 50% of another 5 , that’s 5. By the way, what does that mean Sky likes? Lucky 7 let it ride! Let it ride! Momma needs a new pair of boots! Face crit. Wait no Meeky’s right about what he said, same thing.
What about a constructive comparison of the actual acts of, nimble parrying and a shield wall, how in the world is it 20 fatigue to hold your shield, do they know what they’re talking about? The ancient Roman testudo could only be held for 5 battle turns? And the Hamburgian Germanic wildmen, never ever grew tired of prancing around dodging crap, sounds like propaganda to me. Ya pretty sure that they stand there holding Gigantic shield for hours, waited for Germans to get tired by the 3rd wave, then have huge slaughters, like the actual battle tactics, goodbye super race. That reminds me , no Fatigued defense penalty that I know of? That’s when people get killed, tired and reckless, not that they only swing half as much, or what.