Reply To: enermy routing waste time

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my bad, should have used the term “retreating” instead of “routing”. in BB, to auto-hit those white bannar units is an undoubted great ideal, and chasing them down could grant you a extra loots without recieving any damage, yet they might regain moral and fight back, but this happens rarely when its a totally broken situation. so, in general, you will chase them down.
on the other hand, the enemy remain after a blood bath battle, dont have this moral problem, they just “think” that “we are out of -bnumber, lets retreat!” even the remaining player’s force was just six cloth-wearing hp-button-reached and weapon-broken beggers whom know nothing better than staring at those bandit raiders or goblin wolfriders and waiting to be slaughtered, is this case, there is no way to sent my men after those creatures, because they can fight back. so i start pressing “F” xD

In my opinion the “Total War” way would be the best and most fittig. All Enemies are broken/ fleeing? Get a popup that lets you choose to chase them or end the battle. If you choose to fight on and later see you won´t get them you should be able to end the battle at any time. For this simply change the retreat button for an end battle button after you got the popup.

yes! this should work!

…it reminds me of the very Specific mechanic in other games to of course allow you to Auto Skip the end of the battle if all enemy units are Fleeing, sort of a group route mindset that doesn’t let up, that allows a Quick Resolve button.

but this “Quick Resolve button” should not help the players gain extra loot from the escaping ones, otherwise it could be kinda too powerful and lose some fun, i think you would agree with my understanding.