Reply To: Bandit raiders

Avatar photoDanubian

6 melees 6 archers

6 archers go utility until you pick -50% fatigue for armors (take bags take that other one and take the one that lowers cost for bad terrain movement). After you pick -50% fatigue switch to defense, pick whatever you want until you get to nimble, after that you can do w/e you want youve got yourself extremely good bros.
6 melees go defense until they hit nimble fighter, after nimble you can do w/e you want, i prefer to go utility and pick the same path as archers for that -50% fatigue for armors perk.

If youre lucky with melee defense rolls on level ups youll get insane powerful melee bros that can easily take on Orc Warriors
With my build youll also get access to that perk that removes negative morale effects (good for a number of enemies)

There is nothing as satisfying as watching vampires go for your archers, only to have archers switch to a melee weapon and become basically immortal due to nimble and good armors.