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If youre lucky with melee defense rolls on level ups youll get insane powerful melee bros that can easily take on Orc Warriors

Why did you deceive a novice? :) Everyone knows that 12 orc warriors сan’t wins without a loss of any of even the smart-ass build :)
Exactly as 30 heavy skeletons spread build 6 + 6 without a chance.
This game is wonderful that you can invent whatever build and then meet the enemy who wanted to sneeze on your build, especially if you are more unlucky a couple of times with rnd.
We are waiting for the tactical and perks patch. Now “late game” sad. So opponents are divided into those which are easy to have you and those that you have easy

Sry but i have defeated 12 orc warriors with 6+6 nimble build at max level without losing anyone.

Once you have melee fighters that orc warriors cant reliably hit (the whole point of nimble) and once you have a second line archers that can switch to 2 handed 2 tiles ranged weapons, orc warriors become a non issue really.

Same thing with skellies. You just switch from crossbows to melee weapons and you have 12 capable melee fighters.

Also i see you keep talking about “rnd” is that supposed to be Random Number Generation or something else?