Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.14 – Orc contracts

Avatar photoEinar Tambarskjelve

Playing on “challenging”, my party consists of 12 dudes from lvl 1 to 5, average just over 3,5.(3 or 4 of them meatshields, I admit) Fair equipment (1 xbow, 1 pike, 2 billhooks and some swords/spears/bows): Armour from 90-150 points on all, mostly around 100 plus helms 110-ish.
One-skull (!) quest to kill orcs.
3 warriors and 6 young… I actually won with 1 dude barely left standing.

For a reward of 1600 crowns? Best loot was dropped by my own dead guys.

Not worth it. I avoid these quests as they are pure loss. I ususally check out the 3-skulls quests, as they may be easier. On patrols (frequently 3 skulls) you can dodge some of the worse bands, or take advantage of wandering friendlies nearby.