Reply To: First Impressions Positive

Avatar photorohirrimelf

Thanx for your reply Alexander,

I`ve only known about this game since yesterday after seeing it on the most anticipated strategy games for 2016.
Bought the supporter edition within an hour, and played the game for 9 hours now. I`ll say this game is great as i do like to play final fantsy tactics/turn-based as well. And it seems this game has some other great influences.
I immidiately liked the art style. It triggered me to go buy and play the game. Besides favorable reviews on steam.

I just finished a mission which was a bit deeper then just go to place x on the map and kill the bandits. Or walk along the caravan to town x and get this reward. I had to travel to 3 cities/towns and collect bounties from killing bandits. I would hope to face more of these kind of missions that go 2-3 steps deeper. Or at least create a bond with the merchants/people you make contacts. Kind of like the mission setup from elder scrolls skyrim. A tree of missions instead of never meeting the same characters again. Even do i can`t tell if that is true or not. Havent played enough.

Looking forward to play more.