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    First of all, let me congratulate everyone involved in this project who has stuck to the “ideas” behind the setting – the development logs, explanations of the engine, and logic behind the AI and game behavior are all very in-depth and extraordinary.

    I definitely detect a lot of influence from Games Workshop’s Warhammer series (I noticed the captain in the tutorial shares the same name as Shadow of the Horned Rat‘s Morgan Bernhardt and the terminology like ‘greenskins’ mirrors that mythos). I also see a lot of similarities to Final Fantasy Tactics in the gameplay and even some Sid Meier in the setting’s dynamic economy.

    So far, the game is a blast: I have some fond stories of running early missions and the randomly-generated world is remarkably detailed. I also have read the most recent development logs and agree that the perk system (while very entertaining) would benefit from some tweaking and the beautiful forest terrain makes sense to revamp a little in terms of space.

    Finally, I wanted to add a bit of personal feedback – I think games like Mount and Blade honestly have the closest thing to “world events” like this game is going for. To that end, I think being able to speak to traveling caravans, patrols, or other moving characters (on the world map) would help with immersing the player into the intrigues of the factions in the story. Right now the missions all feel fairly stand-alone; and while I really like the open-world “sandbox” feel of it, I still feel like somewhere there should be some kind of optional, over-arching story — just a few first-impression thoughts. ;)

    Anyway – really excited – definitely impressed with the game and the direction it’s going in!


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    Thanx for your reply Alexander,

    I`ve only known about this game since yesterday after seeing it on the most anticipated strategy games for 2016.
    Bought the supporter edition within an hour, and played the game for 9 hours now. I`ll say this game is great as i do like to play final fantsy tactics/turn-based as well. And it seems this game has some other great influences.
    I immidiately liked the art style. It triggered me to go buy and play the game. Besides favorable reviews on steam.

    I just finished a mission which was a bit deeper then just go to place x on the map and kill the bandits. Or walk along the caravan to town x and get this reward. I had to travel to 3 cities/towns and collect bounties from killing bandits. I would hope to face more of these kind of missions that go 2-3 steps deeper. Or at least create a bond with the merchants/people you make contacts. Kind of like the mission setup from elder scrolls skyrim. A tree of missions instead of never meeting the same characters again. Even do i can`t tell if that is true or not. Havent played enough.

    Looking forward to play more.

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