Reply To: Please add more game content (sruff in general)

Avatar photoBinkus

I too am longing for more content

I have reached the limit of play styles including my last group who was “the Faith militant” courtesy of game of thrones, cloth and shield and morning star group

this was a pretty hard group to keep alive and the highest level is now level 5

but exhausting different groups just highlights the lack of depth

it needs player camps, training brothers and producing food and weapons, your banner to fight under a second group wandering and earning cash

campaign battles to enemy forts and castle sieges

different characters, werewolves and necromancers for your force

special weapons on all weapon styles my favourite band all billhook and xbow really only had the ballista to look forward to

the level cap pretty much stops play at some point when your guys have 50k gold in the bank there really is not much to play towards and your inventory is full of special stuff you cannot bear to get rid of but dont actually use

large scale battles joining with the militia for game changing combats

buying businesses in the towns you visit or mines, farms etc

the lack of depth means however much we love the game it really needs to move forward with content rather than maps guys and gals