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    Avatar photoDanubian

    Ok so we had this new patch recently-ish that added new world map. Kudos to devs this change was massive and it was very good.

    However last whatever amount of time youve mostly been adding graphical improvements.

    Dont get me wrong, graphics are fine, and its nice to see battles in forests, snow, steppe etc.

    However what this game badly needs is actual gameplay content.

    1.) You really need to add more map stuff. Too often i find myself roaming between cities or off roads with nothing around me, the map is at times too empty. More stuff to kill (Mount & Blade had “looters” etc), anything really.

    2.) You really need to add more items types. Preferably split items into military and non military grade and add more types of weapons, variations or models, call them whatever you want. What you have right now is OK for a game that is in “proof of concept” or pre alpha stage. What you have in game is barely enough for a proper alpha. It is definitely not enough for beta.

    Spears? Only 2 models. (1 handed not counting goblin stuff)
    Crossbows? Only 2 models (1 that can be bought).
    Bows? Only 4 i think models (2 that be can be bought, 1 goblin and that wonky bow thingie)?

    You have such a beautiful and wonderful variety of armors, that the pathetic variety of weapons sort of makes it look cheap and lacking.

    More items = more sense of progression (start with wooden spears and eventually get steel military weapons). Sense of progression in a role playing game = the X factor that keep us, players interested in your game. Without it we get bored.

    3.) You really need to add more enemy types and variations. Seriously. Im fighting same people/monsters over and over and over again.

    Take “raiders faction”. You have bandit thugs, raiders, marksmen and leaders. How hard is it to create several new sub types? For example split “bandit bowman” from marksmen, have them armed only with hunting bow (so no crossbows) and add them to smaller, lower level bandits along with bandit thugs. Similarly take bandit leader and split off a smaller version (which isnt armed with top armor/weapons) and make sure low level parties have 1 of those. What would this do?
    a.) it would add variation to the game (more different stuff less repetitive and boring)
    b.) it would add role play value to the game – kill the low level bandit leader and still get a medium level weapon which can be valuable early on.
    c.) it would provide variety to on-map party templates
    d.) it would provide different ways to obtain different (new) items and so on.

    Literally the same could be said about practically all enemy factions. They all could use more variation.

    Avatar photoBinkus

    I too am longing for more content

    I have reached the limit of play styles including my last group who was “the Faith militant” courtesy of game of thrones, cloth and shield and morning star group

    this was a pretty hard group to keep alive and the highest level is now level 5

    but exhausting different groups just highlights the lack of depth

    it needs player camps, training brothers and producing food and weapons, your banner to fight under a second group wandering and earning cash

    campaign battles to enemy forts and castle sieges

    different characters, werewolves and necromancers for your force

    special weapons on all weapon styles my favourite band all billhook and xbow really only had the ballista to look forward to

    the level cap pretty much stops play at some point when your guys have 50k gold in the bank there really is not much to play towards and your inventory is full of special stuff you cannot bear to get rid of but dont actually use

    large scale battles joining with the militia for game changing combats

    buying businesses in the towns you visit or mines, farms etc

    the lack of depth means however much we love the game it really needs to move forward with content rather than maps guys and gals

    Avatar photoWargasm

    I sort of agree with a lot of the above. But I think that it is already (with all its flaws) the best game ever. I’ve never been so addicted to a game before. I’ve played thousands of hours on it, partly because it’s so brilliant and partly because it’s so frustrating …

    I would like more perks and no limit to the number accumulated and fewer restrictions on which you can choose and a more rapid gain of experience points …

    But I don’t want it to be a linear-progressive arms race where you have to stockpile the heaviest armour and most massive weapons to stay alive … I want to find unorthodox ways to beat the system and prevail with light arms and lots of skill and cunning and some good fortune … I want there to be many ways of skinning a cat (or a direwolf) …

    Avatar photoBinkus

    I had an idea last night that could make this pretty cool if you went for the knight perk you can have a squire, or a quest for your characters for knighthood to earn them a squire additional to the 12

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