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Avatar photoMeeky

Axe #2 is REALLY nice.

On that note: named armors, named helmets – will those be included? And will named helmets/shields still be destroyed if broken by the enemy in combat?

Also, I have to say that I love how worn you made axe #1 look while maintaining its shine and elaborate detailing.

Also, if you decide to make rare round shields (I doubt it, but who knows), I’d see that as an opportunity for some sort of Celtic Knot design, or perhaps a Norse equivalent since we’ve seen Norse-like things but nothing Celtic.

Last comment for the time being: for some reason it strikes me as really odd that axe #2 has seen the least fighting of the three axes on the picture. Dunno why, but it does.

EDIT: Also, AWESOME – I’ll be glad to see the Fallen Hero armor around still. It’d be doubly awesome if it could be looted, but as long as it sticks around and sees use in-game, I’ll be happy. It IS a really neat piece.