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How can I decompile .cnut files?

As far as I know: You can’t.
(I read the following (quite old) comparison once, but I can’t exactly remember where: “If you punch someone in the face (.nut -> .cnut), can you un-punch him?”)

Why did you even bother to compile game files :(?

I’m not really familiar with squirrel but as far as I know, .cnut’s do have some avdantages against .nut’s, but I also read that those advantages aren’t a big deal (even to be as minor to be ignored, but as I said, I’m not familiar enough with it, so I only quote what I remember to have read once because I once tried to mod it too ^^.)

But in general, modding is is a controversial topic (for now).
So, think about it like this; yes, modding is fun but it doesn’t really make sense for the game in it’s current state. Mod something and with the next update it’s most likely obsolete or maybe even won’t work in general because of some major changes.


I would understand that if this forum was overloaded by thousands of ppl spamming everywhere.

As Holy.Death said, there was quite a lot of spam around. Let’s hope it stays away.