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But in general, modding is is a controversial topic (for now).
So, think about it like this; yes, modding is fun but it doesn’t really make sense for the game in it’s current state. Mod something and with the next update it’s most likely obsolete or maybe even won’t work in general because of some major changes.

Like I said before. No one really cares if game is still in development. Many games in even earlier state allows modding with nothing but benefits. Modders update their mods after even big patches and no one is complaining about that. I can’t see why that would be any different in Battle Brothers.
Why on earth modding would be controversial topic? I understand aversion to mods from AAA games developers point of view. They loose money because shitty dlcs loose its purpose with free mods available which are often better quality than official dlc. I despise it but at least I can understand it. But from point of view of small independent developer there is no downside to mods. Modding community provides constant flow of new content, helps to keep hype high and makes game waaaay more intresting. Even without oficial proper tools there is so much that can be done with just acces to game files. From simple tweaks, new items and classes to complete overhauls.