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I know that I sound like broken record but 2 days ago I bought game similar to Battle Brothers and HOLY CRAP! Game is called Starsector and it is perfect example of everything that BB could be in matter of modding.
I played vanilla game for first few hours to learn mechanics. After pirst playthrough I started to test some mods and as always I ended up with shit-tone of them :P.
– there was no politics and base/planets capturing (sounds similar)? – not any more! Mods added not only simple capturing but also mechanics for saboteurs and agents so you can for example mess with faction relations (with some effort you can literally provoke or end wars between factions), send agent to tinker with market prices, sabotage market, with siege system comes fleets defending planets so you can sabotage them too before invasion to make things easier when it comes to battle! AI finally enters alliances, declares wars and use all those mechanics mentioned above. Thanks to that boring, static galaxy is now dynamically changing as agents mess up economy and star systems are conquered..
– there were only few rather bleak vanilla factions – so I chose 8 new well balanced ones out of dozens available on forum
– when you speak about mods you can’t not mention new equipment :). Every new faction mentioned before obviously comes with weapons and modules of it’s own but besides that there are tons of weapons and equipments packs
– but all that equipment would be worthless without ships to carry it! So of course every new faction comes with at least one or two new ships in every tier. There are 5 tiers (Fighter, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Capital) so do the math ;]
– there was only one old, boring map – now I have randomly generated map with settings to change size, included factions and others variables to match your playstyle

In the end I have added so much new stuff that I had to manually allocate more ram to game :P. But hey! I have few times more content than before in my game! Without mods I would probably play few more times and get bored but now thanks to them I am hyped as never because I discover more and more new stuff to install.

I highly recommend you to try this game. Concept is very similar to BB but with real time battles (with active pause). And if you didn’t get it by now, even if game is in early access there are lots of lots mods available. Even with all those nasty patches ruining mods, community somehow menages to keep their mods up up-to-date. What a shock!

And devs PLEASE stop avoiding subject with “we plan to release modding tools somewhere down the line”… There are no modding tools in Starsector. Just access to game files and great community. Only tool I’m using is ship editor. And guess what. It’s also fan made. Actually all THREE of them are. We don’t need official tools or mod support. So please just let us (fans) play with game as we please. It’s such a no-brainer that it’s beyond me why we even have to fight about it…