Reply To: Wardogs suggestions

Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

I think what holds me back from using them late game is fatiguing a man per dog till the enemy retreats. It just seems uneconomical, a head is worth about 110 coin, a dog is worth about 3* as much, and most goblins deal wicked body/flesh damage with their knives/sickles.
So a dog is purely for the foe in a panicked flight, which I find a rare occurrence, late into the game.

I would suggest dogs get:
A new move: “-Grapple- cling on to the opponent causing a victim to struggle to inflict their own blows.”
One of the dodge traits or a simple dodge increase.

And dog handlers can…
Keep two hounds, or perhaps wield hound as autonomous weapon similar to mounted units work, with less movement decrease instead of increase.

To balance this…
Dogs eat through supplies
Dogs have varied breeds, thin-mongrel > butch-warhound, of different prices