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They read but probably they don’t want you tell things that you want to hear.
Simply speaking looking at game files its either all or nothing. Unless devs would spend time and resources to make some separate editors which is unlikely.

Like I said so many times. No one cares about mod support and dev-made editors and tools… If they release their tools – great. But if they don’t no one will cry about it. Modders will find way around and make their own tools as they did so many times before. There are no resources nor time needed to be spend. It would cost them literally nothing and could bring game to the whole different level.

They read but probably they don’t want you tell things that you want to hear.
Non compiled files would be probably make it for extremely easy pirating and abundance of mods could make selling DLC and expansions less profitable. Still I don’t think so that somebody could make graphics mods that can challenge Psen.

Is there any drm protection in Battle Brothers? It’s not like BB is huge blockbuster that can afford to pay milions (not sure how many drm costs for AAA games :P) to protect their game. If someone wanted to pirate it then he did it loooong time ago. Do they even plan to release DLC? Did you play many indie, sandbox games lately? Because beside RTS this is my favourite genre. Over last few years we are witnessing real boom for sandbox games and I played big chunk of them. Almost every game gives you acces to files to support modders as much as they can. Because small studios live and die on their players whim. People will pay simply to support creators of their favourite game. But if you don’t respect your fans and perceive them as nothing more than wallets with legs then you’ll share fate of many others who dreamed of creating another minecraft but in the end no one ever heard of them again.
Sure, Psen’s art is great but you don’t mod a lot do you ;)? At some point someone, somewhere will release graphics mod that will blow even devs minds. Even if only for a challenge.

They read but probably they don’t want you tell things that you want to hear.
Its simple about money and control. So its not gonna happen. Probably.

GOD! I hate this mentality! Over the years gamers and developers forgot about one simple truth. They are here for US not the other way around. They want money and control? They won’t have either one of them if they start pissing on their community.