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The whole object topic has been pushed back by our injury system/perk rework so we are not actively working on it at the moment.

How will the combat objects influence the units’ movement possibilies; will they all just block the tile they occupy or will objects where it makes sense (e.g. bedroll, crosses, grave with tombstone) still allow units to step on it?

Big obejcts will block movement, small or flat objects (like bedrolls etc) will not.

Will some of the objects work like height level modifiers (e.g. +1: table, the big heightened grave stone; -1 the dug grave)?

Funny idea, we will see if that works out or if its not practicable.

Will the stone walls be crossable, like one can jump over them, if the opposing tile is not occupied already by a unit or another object, but cannot stay on their tile? (Could be an interesting mechanic)

I agree that sounds like a fun mechanic. I also read up on your water tile ideas and I think thats something to put some more thought into.
Like I mentioned at the beginning we first have to finish our next big update. When the time comes to really implement all the combat objects we will consider adding appropriate gameplay mechanics where it makes sense.

Are the new banners supposed to substitute or complement the current mercenary banners (the ones when creating one’s company?)?
Haven’t you worked on a banner creation system some time ago? What happened to it; or was it meant to be used by the noble houses only?

The new banners are supposed to take the place of the current ones. Bear in mind that what I posted is only the first iteration and quite some time and work will be invested before any of us sees the final “banner system” for the player.
I have been working on a “banner creation system” as a proof of concept. By now I think it would not work the way I designed it back in the day as it only applied heraldic rules and the mercenary banners should feature a distinct look.

In theory it would be possible to create a banner creation tool for the player, but we still have to see whether it would be worth the time and effort in the end.

To give you a quick update, I already paused work on the player banners again to paint new icons for all the reworked/added perks and to put some finishing touches on the injury system as well as the named weapons.


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