Reply To: Two Handed-Weapons?

Avatar photoMeeky

Yeah, shieldbearers CAN work. I’m typically far too in love with two-handers and einhanders to do it, which means my bowmen have to kill the other team’s bowmen ASAP, but… A good shield build CAN work.

One thing to note about the Nimble fighter is that it takes melee defense to pretty much silly, unnecessary levels. 100+ melee defense is WAY more than is necessary. It’s just awesome to see those gigantic numbers.


Personally, rather than having 2-3 crossbows on my melee guys, I’d rather just have 1. Reason being: I can carry a variety of two-handed weapons, allowing me more flexibility in tactics, and potentially a dagger or scramsax (or whatever they’re called) for recovering armor via Puncture. I could see carrying 2 crossbows and NOT bringing a scramsax, but 3 would be overkill.