Reply To: Warped Fantasy Races

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You’re both lovely, cheers.
Couldn’t compete with your lovely work PsenBattle, also the suggestion was quite fanciful lol, will look to if I have a more grounded concept :D

Perhaps individual creatures (not those I’ve suggested) could be included into the “beast faction”?

I’m not sure how the faction is currently envisioned as working, but personally I really like the idea of their unit-rosters/army-stacks not working being cohesive, and perhaps more something you fight on a quest “Slay the dragon that stole the princess”. As I’d love to combat more monstrous creatures that don’t have a grand-design, and just wander around naturally terrorizing the plebs they prey on.

Like have stacks of units of a theme, i.e. a manticlaw || A few trolls + An Armoured Troll || Many Wolfmen + Alpha Wolfman || etc.

Yeah it’d certainly be cool if mod support was included (I’m sure there’s lots of requests for that), though it’d probably be a big project to add races, it’d probably be simpler than with other games. (I can see a Star Wars mod in my mind space, and it is glorious.)