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    I procrastinated long and hard, what I think would be pretty cool, in a hard early medieval fantasy, is darker renditions of the tolkien’s dwarvish and elvish races. Rather than recruitable they’d be as hostile as the ork hordes, only with less of an in-game presence.

    I kind of imagine dwarves as being a bit like evil gnomes

    And elves as very hostile natives
    Although perhaps a wildman force would be more original

    But really anything that plays off of the tropes and twists them into something a little horrible.
    The game looks close to completion, but I couldn’t refrain :p , as I’m loving the game

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Hey man,
    thanks for the cool post. You really put some thought behind it, awesome stuff :)
    Nevertheless of course I have to mention again, that we will not add any new races before the full release.

    By the way, If you create something like this please feel free to post this in the Pauls Art Corner. Otherwise it might happen that I completely overlook pieces like this.


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    Avatar photoMonsieur Fourmi

    That’s really cool! :)
    Maybe, if devs provide a mod support after the full release, we could imagine a mod with these new creatures?

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    You’re both lovely, cheers.
    Couldn’t compete with your lovely work PsenBattle, also the suggestion was quite fanciful lol, will look to if I have a more grounded concept :D

    Perhaps individual creatures (not those I’ve suggested) could be included into the “beast faction”?

    I’m not sure how the faction is currently envisioned as working, but personally I really like the idea of their unit-rosters/army-stacks not working being cohesive, and perhaps more something you fight on a quest “Slay the dragon that stole the princess”. As I’d love to combat more monstrous creatures that don’t have a grand-design, and just wander around naturally terrorizing the plebs they prey on.

    Like have stacks of units of a theme, i.e. a manticlaw || A few trolls + An Armoured Troll || Many Wolfmen + Alpha Wolfman || etc.

    Yeah it’d certainly be cool if mod support was included (I’m sure there’s lots of requests for that), though it’d probably be a big project to add races, it’d probably be simpler than with other games. (I can see a Star Wars mod in my mind space, and it is glorious.)

    Avatar photoMike

    I very much like the idea of adding other races in future mods/expansions, and the two you proposed seem to blend in nicely with the feel of the game (kudos for the images).

    That being said have you given considration to how they would be different tactic-wise? Would they utilize some new tricks and require a different approach to beat, just like goblins behave different than orcs?
    From the brief (meant mostly from flavour, I assume) description I don’t see how the Burrow-Men are more than a reskin of bandits, and Fay Piper & Ent combo sounds like it would require exact same tactic as necromancer, i.e. “madly dash to slice/snipe him NOW before touching anything else” (at least that’s how I deal with them ;]).

    I do find the Sprite interesting, seeing as big swarms of weak opponents would encourage brothers to use either sweeping AOEs or quick daggers (or even dogs). It would be interesting if other proposed mobs had their own quirks to both make them interesting and justify their addition to the game.

    Keep up the good work! :)

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    In terms of what I writ here, I more considered them as a plot device, but they also are a hybrid of the big 3 races you make comparisons to.

    For the Fay I was thinking of a glass rapid fire support as the core army, that come with high dodge, melee and range base stats.
    With the sprites distracting and disrupting, by tying up archers and such by gnawing at them whilst evading harm with their high dodge chance, and/or ability to bypass an engagement hex.
    The ents would be less swarm like and of one life unlike the undead, but with swing attacks and extreme durability.
    The piper would be more of a target and would be buffed with spells to stun and ensnare enemies, something like;
    -captivating tune: halts nearby foes
    -sharp note: Hurts surrounding (axe swing)
    -ensnaring music: Vines ensnare foe
    -rousing melody: Enables ents to act
    A unit I didn’t draw was the Siren that would be a beautiful elder that can control minds with song xcom style.

    With Burrow-Men, they’re essentially bandits with a stronger core, great range resistance (cba to draw shields), and a bonus for night time combat, high stamina and poor speed + daytime disadvantages.
    The sling would have a stun chance, and i’d was thinking they’d need a long-range caster unit to force the enemy towards them, like a little roman catapult to fling loose shingle at you, or a slowly winding ballister (goblin-esk I know lol)

    In terms of bringing something simple but unique, I’ve thought it might be cool to have a large enemy that is it’s own army, requiring many battle-brothers to take down as part of the beast faction the werewolves are a part of, and maybe adding a little bit of a monster hunter flavor to your missions, i.e. slay the dragon. I’ll probably post them as a separate suggestion once I’ve farted around enough with my manticore and dragon, but something like this…

    And some simple quirks might be…
    Manticore: Can sting from 2 tiles with poison dmg, can charge, weak range defence
    Dragon(maybe a different name): Can vomit fire onto nearby hexes, can charge/glide
    Cockatrice: slow with high armor-dmg, can charge/glide
    Wyrm: High ambush chance, hidden on invisible on “campaign map” residing in the marsh, can burrow in bog water
    .. on and so fourth idk

    Avatar photoicemelon

    Nice work dude!!!!

    Now I know why my suggestion posts always fall into the pit. I don’t know how many more features the team will fit before release date, but buddy, you did something really interesting. Specially that sketches, you have a hand man.

    I imagine my company walkin to the snowy mountaints to fullfill a quest, and just praying to avoid those creepy burrow men.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    Cheers icemelon, I don’t get a reason to draw in retail, and I nerd-out on whatever I’m playing lol.

    PsenBattle stated there won’t be any new races before it releases, but I think many people would support post-release content and mods, so I would instead put that suggestion towards fleshing out the game with more of the tolkien-esk (the cthulian would also be pretty sweet) come release.

    Again though I’d love to see the Beast faction expanded, currently we have Ghouls and Direwolves, but both are pretty swarm-like and I think there’s room for (to borrow from dwarf-fortress) lone megabeasts that roam around being dicks and requiring a full early/mid/late game squad to take down. Miles Cameron’s The Red Knight book depicts a universe where mercenaries and knights roam around slaying beasts of the forest, and I think there’s something very medieval about going on a quest to slay a large beast, like a nordic or arthurian tale.

    There’s a manticlaw…

    I also think a nice Wyvern type dragon would be pretty sweet, i.e; A scaled beast resting on hind-legs and the forearms of its leathery wings. Its amassed treasure bait to lure tasty morsels in to be roasted and gnawed.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    I’ll stop now

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