Reply To: [Beta patch] Allow us to see recruit's stats for god's sake…

Avatar photogepardowaty

I like the fact that I don’t know stats of people who I’m hiring and there is that “random” factor.
If you’d show the stats of battle brothers, their professions become basicly a fluff noone would even care about, hiring the best guys out there.

If you want to min-max, savescum. This game is loosely inspired by UFO games, and even the nu-xcom ain’t showing soldier stats. That’s actually very good design choice for such game.

BUT, they could add some kind of option to evalute “talents” of some brothers. Maybe as tips from the Innkeeper? Lets say that there is Ulfric The Beast on your potential recruit list. You should have an option to ask the Innkeeper about him for a few gold coins, so he tells you what he might know “yadda yadda yadda, Ulfric is pretty strong and he mastered the sword, I tell ya!”
Or just more potential gossip about guys in a recruit list, so you might get an idea who’s a goldfish.