Reply To: Ideas for a "Full Experience"

Avatar photoSylvanus1987

Hi good night as always!! I was reading the new major update and it was perfect , the weapon durability is great like the armor system , i have a question , what is the maximum number of battle brothers you can have active in the group? There’s any option to grow it? I was thinking in late gameplay and i think you have to make anything to become more longer and challenging , like a rewon system for your band to increase the maximum number of warriors , and also some random events like invasions of brigands or undead , orcs , beastmen ( when implemented ) to make this a hardcore game like the reality in medieval era ( as well in easy or normal mode it will be more easy to finish the game )
Another way to spend money and become more real is the fact of drinking , the have food but they have too drinnk also to raise their morale , it will be great to buy some beer or also enter a tavern in a town ,and if the team can make some horses ( i know im asking for too much ) it would be awesome , to be “real” knights , for these of course you will need an special perk or find and specific site like an Knight Temple or something where you can train ( and you will require certain level or skills to achieve it ) i know if you can make this game that complete it will become a referent for future games.
Excuse me to ask for to much things but i am in berserk mode with this game :P
Thanks and take care!