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Then comes the 5th, though the game has to, at least, hint at dragons in one other situation for this banner to make sense. And last and least is the 4th Orc banner.

I just realized, that I have miscounted. It is supposed to be:
Then comes the 6th, though the game has to, at least, hint at dragons in one other situation for this banner to make sense. And last and least is the 5th Orc banner.

Exactly. I wont spoiler yet, but this is not a rework of the ghouls.

Damn, I was so certain ^^ , though their noses are all of different shape. Then I would say, No.2 and 3 are not the strenghtened versions of No.1, but independant tiers of one new enemy type. I am looking forward to their relevation.

I personally like the banners quite a bit. The basic premise was to make them look different than the orc banners (white paint on dark background). The references of Goblin banners you can find online are very scarce (except warhammer fantasy, where they opt for a colorful, comical look).
The poles they are using emphasize their skills in metal working and should resemble imperial roman banner poles while not looking too similar.
I expect a lot of people don’t think they look very “goblin-like” because I invented my own style here and did not use an existing stereotype.

I see. Though I did not mean, that I want them to look like stereotypical Goblin banners (what ever that would be), but have the flags show something, that emphasizes their traits (, as described in their introduction). Something that the banner with the Goblin city/state and the waxing moon already has, I realized. It shows, that the Goblin state is most important and the waxing moon symbolizes, that they are an ambitious state/race.
At least I do not see anything similar in the other 5 banners.

The reworked 1st Orc banner looks very nice!
(Does the upper rope consist of two seperate ropes, where the parts in the background are exactly behind the ones in the foreground? If not and it is supposed to be one thread, then only one should be before the bone on the right side, while the other one should be behind the bone and thus not seeable.)

By the way, Paul; what do you think of the following?^^

I noticed, there are some small errors pictured on the main menu wallpaper, if you consider how it is in the game.

If I understand it correctly, the guy on the left, bears a Boar Spear, while the sitting one has a Longaxe and the one right next to him a Billhook.
The Boar Spear ingame has a range of 1 tile, while the Longaxe and the Billhook are 2-tile range weapons, that makes the Boar Spear shorter than the 2-tile range weapons.
But on the picture, the Boar Spear is about 50% longer than the other two, though they actually should be longer than the Boar Spear.