Reply To: Injuries Need to be Toned Down

Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

I’m not sure a agree, what you’ve written sounds like an interesting problem. You have a man that you want to keep despite his short-term disability, so you scrape by going without some repairs, selling what you need to, and looking for some low-risk contracts with an advanced payments, or just finding some small game.

For me these aspects are when the game is at its most interesting, but maybe we differ in that regard, and what we need is the ability to tailor the run’s difficulty with the injuries, recruitment costs and such.

Something I would suggest is that I’ve always found recruitment costs to be a bit too high, and doing wages every day by level quite unaccommodating and arbitrary, and I’d love for that to maybe be reworked, so that in your situation having a couple of temps becomes more viable, or you pay less to keep mercs in reserve, or something along those lines.