Reply To: Injuries Need to be Toned Down

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Thanks for the reply, guys.

Like I said, though, I like the injury system and it really does add depth to the game. I’m on day 109 on my current Ironman Veteran run and after the first couple of in-game weeks it really did become “smoothish” sailing. What I mean is: I can afford to keep my guys healthy, have replacements with equipment at hand, and enough cash-flow to try to over-come any major hurdles. The injury system DOES keep the later game interesting, unpredictable and exciting with a nice sense of dread when you face those green skins or those who once were.

Started another band of brothers to “co-op” play with a friend, @ day 20, a lot less unfortunate injuries this time around but not any less dead men. That’s RNG I suppose.

I’m not sure a agree, what you’ve written sounds like an interesting problem. You have a man that you want to keep despite his short-term disability, so you scrape by going without some repairs, selling what you need to, and looking for some low-risk contracts with an advanced payments, or just finding some small game. (…)

Something I would suggest is that I’ve always found recruitment costs to be a bit too high, and doing wages every day by level quite unaccommodating and arbitrary, and I’d love for that to maybe be reworked, so that in your situation having a couple of temps becomes more viable, or you pay less to keep mercs in reserve, or something along those lines.

It’s something like that. I don’t forego repairs, food and equipment over a troop who I would like to have in the long run. Doing this usually leads to more dead and injured on top of the regular batch. I like your idea on tweaking the wage mechanics a little.

It adds so much character and gritty realism to the game, please keep it.

I also don’t think they’re too expensive to treat either, you normally get more from every fight/contract the brother got injured in.

I like gritty realism as much as the next guy but I also like fun. My point is, early game is brutal. Super brutal. As in, all my initial investment is gone because some poor sod got his hand crushed or artery cut, so now I’m stuck looking for and doing trade caravan guard duty.
As for price, I agree that once you get to doing contracts that cash in 800+ crowns treatment is cheap cheap. On the other hand, when your contracts pay as little as 400 crowns and treatment can cost at least 80 crowns. 3 injuries in this case and you’re broke or deciding which one gets to live slightly longer. Meaning you’re going to have to spend 160 crowns on a new troop because let’s face it anything cheaper isn’t usually going to live past that first fight. Maybe I just over-think things and should just deal with the entrails as they hit the fan.

The whole point of the thing is basically to force you hire more than 12 people. (…)

Except I can’t afford this early game. It’s either hire tons of cheap troops or equip a smaller but more skilled group. Quantity vs Quality. Eventually cheap troops will run out, for the time, in the area.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an enemy with a permanent injury at the onset of the battle (…)

Neither have I. I don’t think it’s currently a thing.

But can we have more different perma injuries that do not completely cripple the soldier?

I have more problems with temporary injuries. They are heaps more common and a constant problem I have to deal with. Permanent afflictions have only really happen to my troops when they get ktfo and depending on the affliction he is either used as fodder or maintains previous duties.