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Paul an idea intended for you here…. I love the bigger maps, but sometimes have explored every corner and even know where the same re-spawns of goblin hideouts will be… I would love the opportunity to get on a boat in port and go to a whole new, newly generated continent to start over with my experienced mercenary band.

That does not seem like hard coding…. what might be hard is keeping the old continent as is. What do you think?

Or maybe a expanding map? It is possible to let the game world just expand as you move closer to the edge of the map. I posted a suggestion like this in another thread


Is it possible to have a expanding procedural generated map in this game? I think it would really help making the game world more interesting. I really like exploring the small unknown territories in the borders of the current maps, and I would really like to have the possibility to lead my Battle Brothers on longer expeditions into the unknown wilderness.

So here is the suggestion:
The game starts in the “centre” of the world, where cities and villages are common and not far between, just like it is on the current maps. You don’t have to travel far to get so the next place, and you will never be many days away from the next market where you can resupply.

As your travels and exploring takes you further and further away from the “centre” of the map (your starting point) villages and cities will become fewer and farther between. This will make exploring more hazardous the further you go, as you risk running out of food and the possibility to reinforce your company. Also, that way the size of the game world will limit itself even without a defined map edge.

It could be an idea to have most undiscovered villages spread randomly, but with a higher chance to appear near a castle or city. That way you will get the occasional hub of civilization centered around a city/castle. Some of these hubs could even be visible on the map as you start, but still far enough away from the starting point that you have to explore a way to get there.

Tavern rumors would be a obvious place to get information of undiscovered villages/cities/castles on the map. The fishermen sometimes tell tales from the great city in the south. I’ve never been there myself, tho.

You have probably considered similar ideas yourself, but if not I hope that you would consider this option. I really think it would add another fun dimension to this nice game.

PS. It could also be fun (and logical) if the hunters and poachers could gather some food for the company. Maybe as a new random event? (If it’s not ingame already?)